Cat Laser Pointer Light Free

Cat Laser Pointer Light Free

As the times change, so does the art. A new generation of street art has been born in the wake of the enormous technological boom we have seen. Cat Laser Pointer Ligh, a new, non-destructive form of Animal Toys art is hitting the world by storm. What first started as a bunch of LED's taped to magnets soon turned into something much more. A group that goes by the name "Graffiti Research Lab" has taken digital art to the next level.
Cat Laser Pointer Light
With the use of high end projectors, cameras, custom software, and laser pointers, they have developed a system that is capable of allowing the artist to paint in light, using high rise buildings as their canvas. The camera follows the high powered laser pointer as the artist moves it across the building. The software then fills in the path of the laser pointer with a sort of digital paint that gets projected onto the building. The effect achieved by this is as if the artist was actually using an airbrush to paint the side of the building. This art can be showcased in front of countless numbers of people, and it has already been used next to freeways, and in dense city areas.
Cat pointer light with mouse
Cat pointer light with mouse

What is so revolutionary about this system is that the artists are able to display their art to an immense audience, without any damage to the buildings they are using to display it. Through the use of new technology, these street artists have found a way to communicate their art in a totally harmless way.


  • This a kind of toy that can make your lovely cat excited.
  • It is a amazing toy for cats because you can play with your cat with variations and it even can help you and cat to exercise!
  • Emits a animation laser beam with great visibility,it  is visible on most surface including on light colors.
  • This cat toy will ensure hours of fun for both the cat and the owner.
  • LED light is harmless to eyes without hurting  cats eye.


  • Animation pattern:mouse
  • Size:78x13mm(length * diameter)
  • Powered by:3 x LR927 button cell batteries(included)
  • Material:aluminum and plastic
  • Color: random.

Package included:
1pc x laser pointer p

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