are laser pointers bad for cats?

are laser pointers bad for cats?

Solutions and today we're going to talk about something that my cat Abbey is extremely excited about and this is laser pointers!  Now a lot of people ask me if laser pointers are appropriate toys for cats, and my general feeling about toys is this: if the toy is safe and your cat likes it, let her play with it!  So the same thing applies to laser pointers.
are laser pointers bad for cats?
are laser pointers bad for cats?
As long as you're not shining the laser directly into her eyes, or in a mirror that goes into her eyes and she likes playing with it, have at it! Now, I want to talk a little bit about the prey sequence because the laser pointer can fall a little short when it comes to ful filling all the steps in the prey sequence, which is staring, stalking and chasing, pouncing and grabbing, and then performing a kill bite. So with a laser pointer you can definitely do the staring and then you can do the stalking and chasing.

Now, actually grabbing on to something and performing a kill = bite is a little bit more difficult with a laser pointer.   Laser pointers are great for wearing cats out, getting them their exercise, but you don't want to leave them frustrated, sowhen I have my play sessions, my workout sessions with Abbey, what I do is I start with a laser pointer and then I switch over to an interactive wand toy -something that she can finish up the prey sequence with by grabbing and biting and it's something physical that she can actually kill. So laser pointers are great toys for cats if they like them; really good exercise, it looks like a bug because of the random spastic movements, and it taps into that prey drive and it gets them excited, gets them moving around but you want to round it off with something physical like an interactive wand toy.

Now the other thing I wanted to mention is if you're like me, you have about a zillion of these around in your house and you don't know which ones work, or which ones are dying, or which ones are dead, and then once they do die you have to figure out which battery they take. Mine takes three of these and they're kind of expensive to buy so with battery refills in this you're probably looking at 10 bucks fora laser pointer. I found a really great laser pointer - it's this one, and I'm not getting paid to say this (I wish I was but I'm not) - this is the Engaser by Modmong and I'll put a link to it in the descriptionof this Article.   But the cool thing about this laser pointer is this. . .  oh my godit's a USB chargeable laser pointer and it lasts a super long time on one charge.  I think I've had this for about two years now and I've only had tocharge it like twice.
laser pointer cat
laser pointer cat
It can charge up to five hundred times and it's only 14bucks.   It comes in purple but it also comes in white.   So it's a really greattoy - it's nice and fancy shaped and then the pointer is atthat end. So again, it'schargeable by USB! How great is that? I don't know why they didn't think of thissooner! Anyway here it is.  I hope that answers your questions about laserpointers.
cheap laser pointers
cheap laser pointers

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